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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

If you stay within the city can you avoid a lot of racism?

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Whats going on here with not so cool{not offensive content}?

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Is anyone going to vote for the newly formed Australian Sex Party at the coming elections?

Are you a swinging voter?

I think all the candidates are good looking birds.
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What Is Public Transportation Like In Savannah?

I am thinking of relocating to Savannah GA. I need public transportation: buses, taxis, car service, etc.... what is it like?
Savannah is just like any place in this world where there are Trains, Buses, Cars, Taxis and many more. Try to buy a car for you to become comfortable.

Is it possible to walk all the way to seattle?

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Is it safe for electronics to through an x ray at the airport?

LIke for the carry on security procedure is it safe for electronics ie: ipods, laptop, cameras...

Will my son be allowed to enter?

my son is 14 years old him and his brother witch is 18 years old will be going to the usa

would my 14 year old still be allowed to enter with out his parents but his brother
Yes he will. As long as he has his own passport. And that his bro is 18 (which he is)
as long as your traveling together with someone 18 you can get through

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