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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

If you stay within the city can you avoid a lot of racism?

So I

Whats going on here with not so cool{not offensive content}?

before seconds i saw an answer of him

Is anyone going to vote for the newly formed Australian Sex Party at the coming elections?

Are you a swinging voter?

I think all the candidates are good looking birds.
I don

What Is Public Transportation Like In Savannah?

I am thinking of relocating to Savannah GA. I need public transportation: buses, taxis, car service, etc.... what is it like?
Savannah is just like any place in this world where there are Trains, Buses, Cars, Taxis and many more. Try to buy a car for you to become comfortable.

Is it possible to walk all the way to seattle?

recently i

Is it safe for electronics to through an x ray at the airport?

LIke for the carry on security procedure is it safe for electronics ie: ipods, laptop, cameras...

Will my son be allowed to enter?

my son is 14 years old him and his brother witch is 18 years old will be going to the usa

would my 14 year old still be allowed to enter with out his parents but his brother
Yes he will. As long as he has his own passport. And that his bro is 18 (which he is)
as long as your traveling together with someone 18 you can get through

Any other companies like Contiki Tours to travel Europe?


Should I go on Mission Space at Disneyworld?

I have been to Disney World many times, and I recently started to like rollercoasters but im not sure if i should go on Mission Space -orange because i dont know if it would be too scary or not. What do you recommend and what are your past experiences on the ride?

I was the same way. I went on Green Team (the milder ride) and was afraid to try the Orange Team (wilder ride). Both are fun, but the Orange Team is definitely better. The experience is more realistic and the ride is much more thrilling. All of the warnings before the ride are really nothing to worry about. I

I will be in the UK from March 21st - 29th....?

...Is there anything north of London that is

Egypt: What is the smell of your shower gel?

Mine is Ginger....yummy

i don`t care as long as it exists
Tropical fruits with crushed apricot stones.

My shampoo is strawberries and liqueur smelling.
it smells like me

AKA Pomagranate.

Did I spell that right??
Err..smells like soap? I dont think it has any fruit smell.. Its soap smelling.. :D
Jasmine it

Do You Have To Be Really Wealthy To Live In NYC?

i really wanna live there :/
living there is really really expensive.. i heared from my friend that a 1 bedroom apartment cost $2000 a month. but the salary a person gets there must be high since the housing is expensive
Not at all. Most people live beyond their means.

If your income is 40 times the monthly rent, you

What kind of Jobs could you do in the Netherlands if.....?

I am currently studying Dutch language at this faculty that is accredited worldwide... I can

Which two kpop idols should be the next couple on WGM?

i think it should be HyunA and Lee Joon. Joon is HyunA

How much is a 1 year Thailand Visa fee?

The fee depends on what type of Thailand Visa you are going to apply for. Thailand Business Visa, student visa, marriage visa and retirement visa in Thailand can all be valid for 1 year.

Non B or business visa is very common for foreigners who would want to stay in Thailand for 1 year just to travel around. Normally you would be required to have a Thai employer to be able to apply for this visa but there are companies providing services to assist you with the process.

Visa fee in the US 175 USD

Visa fee in the UK 100 Pounds
It is going to depend on what type of visa you want - the fee for a retirement visa is 1900 baht - if you want multiple entry add another 4000 baht - but to get a retirement visa there are requirements, both age and income - 50 and either an income statement or a deposit of 800,000 in the bank.
A retirement visa in Thailand will cost you 1,900 baht, and 3,900 baht for a multi-entry visa. A multi entry visa lets you leave Thailand and return during the one year period without losing your original visa.

How do I get a police background check in the US?

I have to get a police background check on my own to obtain a work permit in another country. Does anyone know how I can go about getting this?
Just do a search on background checks. They are anywhere from $0.99 (most basic) and up. The average being $20.00
In Ohio you go to the state police or in our case the Attorney Generals office. If you have a state police call the local office and ask if they do it or who does. You will have to pay for it. In Ohio all teachers and anyone applying for a job working with children has to do it. I imagine it is the same where ever you are.

Why do you go by only your father

For example, I would say to someone that I am 1/4 Lebanese, 1/4 Scottish, 1/4 Slovak, and 1/4 Irish here in America.

But In your country I would just say that I am Irish and Scottish because that is what my father is, right?

Why is this?
As per the Abrahamic tradition, Christians and Muslims and in fact in many other cultures and religions, a person

How much money do I need to retire in Thailand?


Why do westbound flights take longer?


Is it possible for me to take a bus from Georgia to Tallahassee FL?

I want to visit my friend in Tallahassee Florida and I live about 5 hours away in GA. It would be cheaper and way more safer if I could just take a bus. Is it possible though?

My car isn

Why haven

The wreck of the ferry Estonia sank in 1994, with nearly 1000 deaths. Divers using deep sea diving suits were able to get inside the wreck- HUNDREDS of bodies were seen. WHY haven

How much is tax in NYC?

I just want to know how much the tax is in NYC. I am not from the US so im not sure if it differs from state to state or how it works. We basically want to know if our hotel costs $1700 how much tax there would be on that. Thanks :)
As of March 1, 2009 the Hotel Room Occupancy Tax is 5.875% of the room rate for all room types. Therefore, if the nightly rate for a hotel is $175 you

Half Lebanese through mother?

I dont even know my dad

Taxi ride from Santa Monica to San Bernardino cost?

about 100 to 200 dollars

you dont have to take a taxi

you could use transit instead

you would first take Santa Monica #10 into los angeles riight to union station

then you take metrolink direct to san bernadino and then if you need you can then use the local

bus system
Call a taxi company, its not that hard.
The fare will be approximately $240 PLUS tip.

Travel Master is correct about the best way to get there by public transit.

Any untouched parts of France?

.. That aren

Are people that are not checked into a hotel allowed to visit people that are?

At a Super 8, if that helps.
YES!!! They cannot sleep there if not registered as a guest, but they can visit someone who is a guest in that guests room.
Yes but they can

What place do you like better France or Italy?

both is beautiful
They are both lovely and are spolied only by the French and Italians.

Can someone explain to me the difference between this?

I do not understand the difference between saying:

i go-yang-i (this cat)

What can i do to make more room in my suitcase?

i am going to the beach thursday, and tomorrow i am going to be busy so i have to pack tonight because im leaving early thursday morning, and i have packed all my clothing except for my jeans, which thats not that much room but i have to still pack

jeans (which i already said) and thats only one pair

shampoo and cond.


tooth brush

retainer case plus retainers (just got my braces off 6 weeks ago)


straightner (not blow dry)

makeup (its a pretty big bag)


phone charger




the small items arent a big deal, but like straightner and shampoo that is going to be hard to pack, i mean i still have that zipper where it gives you like 2 inches of space, like i tried zipping it up and it was fine but i had a little bit of trouble, and the thing is i already have a beach bag with my towel in it and i am having to put another bag in the beach bag because it will not fit, i will amit i am an over packer but i cant give up my clothes im bringing alot but their just soo cute i cant not bring them. so how can i make more room with out taking something out.
You didn

How are the people in Boston?



I live in America, but I

How to find DVD my rainy days...PLs..Tell me...?

how to find DVD my rainy days...PLs..Tell me...
Japan, or maybe even HMV in HK if you have the chance. You can find the HMV site online. Alternatively, search for various download sites---it

Black hair salons in The Hague?

I need too get my weave redone asap I was hoping someone could help me out and point me in the right direction of a black hair salon that does extensions. Thank you, Google isn

Is Canberra boring and lame?

Someone told me this. I



Mumbai: How is the nightlife in Mumbai?

it is good
Amazing....and if you have money then majjanu life

If my phone is on airplane mode do i still get charged for taking it to another country(roaming)?

i know that i can use my phone on the plane like games and listen to music and not recieve or make call or texts but once im off the plane do i still get charged for international roaming?
You will only get charged if you take your phone out of the airplane mode. When its in airplane mode, there is no connection with the cell network, so they wont know that you are in another country. When its out of the airplane mode, it will establish (or try to) connection with the nearest cell towers and that is how your carrier will know if you are on international roaming.
Yeah only if u text or call someone
nope, you only get charged if you start to make calls or sent data/text
It depends on what plan you have with your cellphone provider. Check to see if Roaming and International Roaming is included. BUT, you shouldn

Great places to visit in New Orleans for teen?

Honey Island Swamp, Airboat tour in Atchafalaya Basin, Shop and walk around the quarter, Ride the street car, visit the d -day Museum, go to the zoo, aquarium, insectarium, Shop down magazine street, Go fishing in city park, Go to plantations, eat some roman taffy, Maybe a cemetery tour or ghost tour, Carriage ride, eat and listen to music at preservation Hall!


Attractions: Jackson Square, St Louis Cathedral, Cafe Du Monde, Steamboat Natchez Riverboat Cruise(don

Speeding tickets in upstate ny.......?

I just got a letter frm keeseville ny court about a speeding ticket

Frm 2003...I remember signing

Alou fun park in athens?

experiences for members that have visited the place?im planning in 1-2 weeks to visit the city..{its been 6 years since the olympics which i saw the xalkia getting the gold metal...awesome!}
Uhmmm....well it can be fun but there are so many teenagers there so I dont go, I have been though 5-6 times in the past. There are more games to play , like 3g and 4g , on those huge weels you know , duh I d never go in there I have lol, however i ve been in the mouse train which is fun but it makes your stomach sick afterall, lmao, oh and if you go try the 4d cinema experience, there are some short movies on 4d the seats are moving and they spill water on you or you feel whatever is happening in the movie, as if you are in there, its very funny ! Oh and dont forget to eat the fried potatoes with melted cheese and bacon and then some ben

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What things in hawaii should be reserved ahead of time?

I already have reserved the hotel, plane, car, and a luau. What else?

Is it right for France to Ban face veils for Muslim woman?

How about that- in KSA its a must for a woman to wear Abaya and shaila even if the lady in her culture actually does not wear one.

I guess we should not get a big deal out of it, face veil is not really required to proof your modesty in Islam and at the same time, France did not ban the shaila/hijab.....when France bans that , people should start complaining.

When you go deeper, this is not the problem. All what I understood is that people put their culture above the religion, however as in Rome....do like Romans (or so).
YES!!......you don

Famous worldwide celebrities that have greek origin?

i personaly know that having hellenic roots are :kelly clarkson,jennifer anniston,tina fey,nia vardalos,rita wilson,maria callas,aristotle

Please Translate this phrase to Greek...?

How do you write

How do I find a cheap airline ticket?

I am taking a trip in December and I figured the earlier I book it the cheaper it will be, that

Food in Spain? Cheap?

I am going to Fuengirola/Malaga , Spain .. next Wednesday

Flights and apartment in Carvajal is paid for..

I am trying to figure out how much money I need to bring wit me

Is food cheap here? etc ..

We will just be relaxing on the beach most days so money will only really be spent on food and the odd trip and sovenir..

Help ??
There are many restaurants that have a

I want to move to england. Should I?

Im only 18 and just garduated high school, and really thinkin hard about movin away to england from usa. Should i and how hard would it be also how much would it cost? PLZ help. also i would have no friends or family over there.
You cannot just up sticks and move to any European country if you are from outside the EEA (European Economic Area) zone. To come to live in the UK you would need a work permit and to get one of those you will need a skill that is in high demand here, plus experience in the field of work that you are in...at 18 you are not going to be eligible for that.

All the rules and regulations can be found here...

do wat u want. talk with your family bout it dont ask random ppl
I think the answer is in your question, you need to have a reason to move here, a degree in something that is in demand here and in which will get you a job that is in demand here.... and that is pretty much near impossible (there isn

Would I be accepted in Japan?

I am an African American girl (I

Whats Boston Mass like?

im thinking about moving there in the next few years. how much does it cost a month to rent a average apartment? i live in a small town with nothing to do so whats there to do there. ive been told there are a bunch of punks and skins there so where would be a good place to meet them? like shows and pubs.
Boston is one of the most expensive cities to live in. There is a lot to do. There is a coastline and water related activities, many museums, and the colleges bring certain kinds of activities. (bars, clubs, student productions, lectures) I find Cambridge, Harvard Square, Central Square, and Somerville are the best places to meet punks.
Boston is an OK city. I dont really like boston. The average price would cost you around 400-700$ per month depending on the owner. If you want to meet punks and idiots, Dorchestor is a the place for you. In Boston, south boston is best for you. Some shows could be seen in hotels and the wayne theator

BONAMANA! Calling all ELFs! What is the order Superjunior appear in the MV start?

I mean at the beginning of the MV, with the non-music part and they

How does to cost to fly form st.louis,mo to Hawaii using southwest airlines?

Southwest Airlines does not fly into Hawaii. You will have to go either American, United, Continental or Delta.
Sorry, you may need to unpack your Walmart bags if you thought you were gonna git there on Southwest.

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Depends on what dates you are flying.

Check the website.
that depends on alot of things.

1) do you want to fly coach or first/business class? coach is obviously way cheaper, and is the most common. don

Why is it that grade school classes are the first to be suspended during typhoons?

With Typhoon Basyang currently battering Metro Manila and Central Luzon, DepEd suspended classes for elementary students only. Pano naman yun mga HS and college students? Immune ba kami sa ulan at baha? Is it more OK for us to get wet and sick?
Masanay ka na! That

Which hawaiin luau is better? Germaines

General review of top luau

What is the weather like in Ohio during Novemeber and March?

I am having an outdoor and indoor wedding in November or March. Early November and Late March, I am just wondering what the weather in Ohio is like in those months. Is it snowy? Cold? Rainy? etc. Thanks!!! Oh it

Free things to do in San Diego?

I am baby sitting my 10 year old cousin for a week and was wondering of any good places to take her that are on the cheap side and kid friendly. Near Chula Vista would be great.
Not all free.. but most are less than $15 a head.. do a bit of research.. a short list....

1. THE BEACH! Kids always love the beach, if you took her to the beach in North PB area it is great..not too crowded lots of areas to go check out during the day and it

Can you buy a plane ticket with cash?

kkk, i wanna know.. can you buy a plane ticket with cash? i need to buy it online though.. well i dont have to but i was wondering is it more to buy it with cash, at the airport? ill be flying Southwest and its a one-way ticket. can someone tell me please.

You should be able to but you

Can anyone suggest me a good singapore package and good travels?

me n ma father are planning to go for a singapore trip. we are in chennai. Can any1 suggest me a good package n a good travels which arranges the trip well n ofcourse in a good budget. People who hav visited singapore before plz share ur experiences...
Travels agents from Singapore really cant provide package tours for your to travel from Chennai . you should check it out from you Local travels agents . * unless your are in Singapore,there is local daily tours for your to joint *.

some advice / trips

Crossing into Canada with broken light cover?

I recently hit my car against a road guard in a parking lot. The only thing that happened was a section of my driver

How could you know if somebody is from Germany?

you cant say the accent, or jews jokes.. lol
Well if you can get a them to do it then you will know that they are german for sure. Well to explain it first you know how Americans at least that i know of when we count with our fingers. when we mean 3 with our fingers we raise the index, middle, and ring finger. Germans on the other hand raise the middle, index, and thumb to gesture

Does it snow in falls city oregon?

Like yearly not occasionally
It snows very rarely in Falls City. It is closer to the coast of Oregon so it gets allot of rain not snow. Eastern Oregon gets allot of snow not the Western or Central Oregon.

They might get some but its never above 2 feet.
It might or might not. There would be no reliable snowfall or accumulation each season. It will definitely rain though. If there were snow, it could be a couple inches and the record maximum should be a foot or two. Its climate is very similar to Salem.

What is the most beautiful city you have ever been?

that most people haven

Why are people rioting in Ireland?

I don


I DREAM of going up there someday!!!
I think so although the weather could do with improvement.

If you ever decide to visit - have a look at these two sites-probably the best sights are listed in here:



Can anyone recommend a haunted location in south jersey?!!?

My sister and i have traveled some abandoned roads and visited many grave yards that we have heard were haunted, but we have had no luck on a good scare!!! We have visited many so called haunted places we have found in Weird Nj. But i am digging for something better, Pleas let me know if you have a spooky location that i can check out in the southern NJ area = )

Which building in Paris is this?

Can someone who lives in or knows Paris tell me which building is this:


and also do you know what is the little white house that is in front of it???


The building is Htel de Ville, or City Hall. The little white house is some sort of tent or temporary building (it


Going for a week self catering this month I don

In hand luggage on a plane, can you take powder and blusher for your face?

I live in the UK and I

How risky is it to move around in Italy? Apart from pick-pocketing is there mugging too?

I hear that while travelling in trains, luggage has to be strapped to the overhead bin and while staying in hotels, to the bedframe in the hotel room, to keep it safe from snatch-and-run thieves. Also someone suggested travelling with a high tech door alarm, or else leaning a chair with few noisy items on it against the inside of the door so it will tip over and crash when an unwanted intruder slips in at night.

Is it really this bad...its so scary !! I might have to keep an eye on my things all the time instead of enjoying what good Italy has to offer.

Also, more importantly, is there mugging? Especially near the main railway stations? Is it dangerous to be going around the railway stations area after sunset? How safe is it to stay in hotels near railway stations. for e.g. near the Termini station in Rome?

What does a tourist do if things are stolen/ pickpocketed? Do police help?

OMG Are Jay Park / JaeBum / JaeBeom FANS PSYCHO?

On My YouTube Videos Of His New Song THEY

What do you think the answer was ?

season of travel ,the best place to go is Turkey

so I picked up the telephone to ask about a full board journey ,(I used to get that some times for 200 $) but I had some answer

!0 points and One thumps up to who ever gives the exact answer
NO trips to Turkey from Jerusalem!!!

why don

What is the top or highest paid job in austrailia?

Like for example a doctore or architect ect
barristers earning 2 million a year. Only a few of them though

then you got your top brain and heart surgeons

and of course your top business men who own all types of crazy enterprises, people like that packer kid who are making more in a day then u or i make in a year
Engineering Manager (mining and construction industry)
My cousin is a Perth based partner in an international accounting firm and earns in excess of $1.5 million per annum having started as a humble Chartered Accountant after graduating from university in his early 20s. Partners in major international accounting firms or in major law firms will earn in excess of $1 million as a matter of course though it takes them until their 50s to get into those high income brackets. Some specialist surgeons (particularly orthopedic surgeons) earn high 6 figure incomes.

Is this song Japanese its TOP turn it up?

yea it

What should I expect from living in the UK?

I am a 22 yo Italian living in Ecuador, South America. I have always wanted to live in the UK but I

Why some people say bad things about greece?

- Jealousy, feeling inferior and think that by talking bad about others will make them look less miserable. (In their no-grown-up-brains

Which theme park in Dallas/Fort Worth is the best?

My kids are going to Dallas/Fort Worth and I see there are several theme parks in the area, which one would you recommend?
Six Flags over Texas in Arlington. There

Is their any areas in japan that are still cultural?

i was just wondering because i plan on going to japan soon and wanted to know if theirs placed like villages where people stick the the old Bushido like traditions
Shirakawago is a cultural heritage village like you described, but there are no longer any Samurai or Ninja. Some traditons such bowing to others, taking off your shoes before entering a building and bathing naked still survive to this day.

If you have doubts about a vacation, is it better not to go?

I have a cousing getting married in chicago. I had decided not to go since my husband couldn

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