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Monday, March 30, 2009

How much does it cost to backpack around Europe?

It depends on your exact itenerary, how how long you're staying, what you plan to do, etc. Just remember that things get more expensive the farther north you go--budget more for a trip around scandinavia than a similar trip around Italy and Greece. Here are some useful resources for planning a trip that you can also use to work out about how much your trip will cost:

Getting to Europe:

www.statravel.com - if you're a student or under 26 this site can get you excellent deals on airfare

yahoo travel (or experida, priceline, etc) also may have good deals

also check out the websites of the individual airlines, as some of them have good deals as well that don't wind up on discount sites.

Just jumping on Yahoo travel it looks like you could get from Washington DC to London and back for $370.

Getting around IN Europe:

check out Interrail/Eurrail (just google it) in order to get your classic rail passes. Note that rail passes aren't always the most cost effective way of getting around--especially if you're covering a small area or only seeing a couple of places. A ticket good for 10 travel days travel in 3 weeks cost 359 Euro when I did it a year ago (so now 400-500 US)

Also check out ryanair and easyjet-- just remember that you will have to spend plenty of money to take luggage, and getting to and from out of the way airports can be expensive and time consuming.




especially if you're going by yourself, stay in youth hostels, save money, meet interesting people. These websites allow you to book a youth hostel bed just about anywhere. Their user generated ratings are also pretty accurate.

Stuff to do:

Get a lonely planet guide (they're ridiculousy useful) and also will let you know how much it costs to get into the Acropolis, the Colosseum, the Louvre, a train to the Grindelwald, etc.

And of course budget a bit extra for food, souveniers, something going wrong, etc.

I spent about $3,000 US over the course of three weeks backpacking through France, Italy, Greece, Switzerland, Germany, and the Low countries, though this was when the dollar was weaker than it is now.

You can probably figure abou $100 US/day plus or minus, depending on so many factors....plus your airfare and ground travel.

Extremely subjective!

How I translate into greek the nationality




you can also say it the way ur trying to say it...


Anglo-Ollandos sounds better.

Going to Kos Island, help?

I'll be spending 4-5 hours alone in Kos. Anyone can tell me what the place is like, any particular place to see, what to do there alone? And is there a shop where I can buy a bottle of Metaxa 12 stars? Thank you!

There is no way you will feel bored...go and visit the castle, have a look at the tree of Hip., the bookshop on the square near the mosque is really good, have a pita gyros down the road from there, troll on the beach, put your feet in water, talk to the locals, play backgammon in a cafe over a frappe, venture out to the archeological sites, take a taxi to the hot springs Therme in the sea, go shopping....time will just fly...enjoy it.

You can wander around, look at the shops, take lots of photos, stop and have a drink or lunch or both, sit on the beach, the time will fly by. Probably any food store has the Metaxa.

Is Siberia a safe place to live?

My parents told me that Romania isn't a safe place to live because some people don't like Americans there. My parents said it, not me, so don't criticize me. I know Siberia is part of Romania, but is it a safe place to live? I want to live in a safe near the Carpathian Mountains

Look on your map....Siberia s a long way from Romania.

First, Siberia is a region of Russia, and is not in Romania, at all. Siberia is bordered on the West by the Ural mountains. Siberia is a region so vast that it is really impossible to answer the question, "Is it safe?" There are some very large towns that could be safe because a foreigner could live almost anonymously (if you don't call attention to yourself or get involved with questionable contacts). How old are you, anyway? If finding a safe place to live is your biggest concern, maybe you should stay closer to home?

Siberia is quite safe. Welcome to Romania!

Is this question joke or have you been drugged? Are you British or American haha?

ohhhhh... mine..... get the map, mate. it is an attitude like that towards the rest of the world that can easily make anyone dislike particular people.

What food is Amsterdam known for?

You know how Paris is popular for crepes. What food is a must have whenever going to Amsterdam. I am thinking about going there this summer so I need to know not only about food, but how is the atmosphere there. Any info you provide would be great!

Indonesian food is very popular in the Netherlands, as is Surinamese food - Indonesa and Suriname are former colonies.

Amsterdam is full of tourists in the summer, I wouldn't really recommend it. I would suggest going to one of the other cities, Groningen is not so busy during the summer, for example.

Special Brownies ;-)

Can a United States traveler leave Amsterdam Schiphol airport and come back?

I will be passing through Schiphol airport from the great United States and I was wondering if it is possible to leave the airport for a brief visit then come back when my plane is ready to depart.

Yes, you can. You jus need to make sure that you get back to the airport in time to get through security for your next flight. There's a train station below the airport and ticket machines on the gound level above the platforms. It takes about 15 minutes to get into Amsterdam.

"The U.S. Government remains deeply concerned about the heightened threat of terrorist attacks against U.S. citizens and interests abroad. Like other countries that are members of the Schengen Agreement for free cross-border movement, Greeces open borders with its European neighbors allow the possibility of terrorist groups entering/exiting the country with anonymity. As the first entry point into Schengen from points south and east, Greeces long coastline and many islands also heighten the possibility that foreign-based terrorists might try to exploit Greeces borders. Domestic terrorist organizations such as Revolutionary Struggle and Sect of Revolutionaries have become increasingly active against both domestic and foreign targets in Greece. Recent attacks and attempted attacks have included the use of Molotov cocktails (gasoline bombs), small arms and rifle fire, and improvised explosive devices, the largest being a 50-kilo car bomb which failed to detonate before the police arrived. The Greek police forces, other Greek governmental agencies, private American and Greek businesses, and the United States Embassy have been attacked in the last three years. Recent actions indicate that the perpetrators are indiscriminate. The risk of being in the wrong place at the wrong time in the event of a terrorist action is a concern for residents and visitors. U.S. tourists or residents in Greece should remain vigilant, exercise caution, and monitor local developments. Some current terrorist organizations are aligned with the ideology of the older Marxist terrorist group November 17 (N17) which targeted Greek businessmen and officials, as well as officials from NATO countries in Greece, from the mid-1970s until the early part of this decade. N17 terrorists murdered 23 people, including five U.S. Government employees. Strikes and demonstrations are a regular occurrence. Greece is a stable democracy and these activities for the most part are orderly and lawful. However, a wave of incidents started when a teenager was shot and killed in an encounter with the police in December 2008. Incidents occurred throughout Greece, but the primary sources of violence were in Athens and Thessaloniki, Protestors there engaged in violent confrontations with the police and carried out destructive vandalism and rioting in localized areas, some of which are areas frequented by tourists, injuring numerous police officers. Riot control procedures often include the use of tear gas. Visitors should keep abreast of news about demonstrations from local news sources and hotel security. When there are demonstrations, visitors should be aware of and avoid places where demonstrators frequently congregate, such as the Polytechnic University area, Exarchia, Omonia, and Syntagma Squares in Athens, and Aristotle Square in Thessaloniki. The Omonia and Exharchia areas of Athens are at particular risk for crime and politically-motivated violence; U.S. Embassy personnel and their families have been urged strongly to avoid these areas between 9 pm and dawn."

Is Kalkan fish found only in Black Sea?

I tasted it in Istanbul and it was really tasteful.

The Turkish version of Wikipedia says that it lives in the Black sea, the Aegean Sea, Marmara, Mediterranean, and also in south parts of the Atlantic Ocean . ( I had thought it was found in Black Sea only )

Here is the Latin names of the fish family, if you want to search further.







P. maxima

Psetta maxima

(Linnaeus, 1758)

Another fishing/ hunting link I found gave its names as:

Psetta Maxima,Steinbut,Turbot

And it explained that it was found mainly in Blacksea and rarely in Bosphorus, Dardanelles, Marmara , Aegean and Meditteranean Sea and that some alike but other kinds of the species were found in Atlantic Ocean.

( I didn't copy, paste because it was in Turkish)

the best is in black sea.but it is available in europe and in the states under the name "tournado". it is my favorite ^fish

On which Gkhan zen album can I find the song Aramazsan Arama?

I've been looking but I am having trouble finding it.

it is "Duman Gzlm"

i never listen him find on internet

Have you ever seen Nikulasargja ( the Money Pool ) at Thingvellir , Iceland ?

Yes, I have, I'm Icelandic. Did you know it is also known as Drekkingarhylur or drowning deep because it used to be used for capital punishment?

Magic Mushrooms in Amsterdam?

Hi are magic mushrooms still legal in Amsterdam?



Shrooms in Amsterdam were recently made illegal to sell on 1st December 2008 as a reaction to a tenuously linked suicide, but you can still get other hallucinogens from smartshops that have the same effect, such as truffles and the like. Thats the party line, but the truth is many shops still have them under the counter and as of yet the new ban hasn't really been enforced

So get mashed off your t*ts and enjoy.


Check through previous answers, and you`ll find more details - but in short :

Since December 2008, the fresh mushrooms have been made illegal.

Some shops still had stock, and did sell even after the ban, but transport etc. is also illegal, so by now no one should have them anymore.

In a large part the ban has been caused by druggies from outside of the Netherlands, who just went crazy with mushrooms, alcohol etc.

No, not any more they aren't

The facts are that dried mushrooms have been illegal for ages anyway, and fresh ones were made illegal on 01/Dec 2008

This is in light of several incidents of tourists injuring themselves (in a couple of cases fatally) jumping off buildings, into canals, driving amok through campsites etc after having taken them.

Haven't been there for a few years now, but the last time I was there it was possible to purchase them dried! Many different types....some were quite....mindblowing! But one needs to be very careful.

A narrow street just off Dam Square, stand outside the Krasnapolski Hotel facing the square, look to the right.


Dam good question ?

if you find out, do me a favour and pass on info cheers mate.

Which country is better and why? Sweden or Norway?

Sweden with its marvellous capital Stockholm, the northern Venice.

On the other side, you have Norway with beautiful fiords.

Actually it's very hard to choose to.

I don't know but Sweden seems to get more notoriety due to their women and the capital of Stockholm.

I like both..but Sweden is my first love.

Is pick pocketing in Turkey really that bad?

I am heading off to Turkey this year and after visting watch dog website have found out it is renouned* for pick pocketing. What I mean by that is strangers coming up behind you in a restaurant and stealing your handbag while your not looking and other associated crimes.

I would like to know is Turkey really that bad..?

Please tell of your experiences- anywhere in the world but especially Turkey.

Would appreciate replies

Many Thanks



Hi Louise,

I just been to the Turkish embassy to apply for visa and all the warnings I got were all regarding to this - so yes apparently it is that bad. The Turkish guy @ the embassy said I must watch for my bag because hand bag grabbing is common , thift is common he even warned us that Taxi drivers might take the money and not return the change so we better keep small change "Kuru" with us always.. but he said we should not be over-cautious, the majority of the people are nice and most of public places are safe , so just take normal security procedures and you will be fine.

Who said that such a fake news.. Of course this is an undeniable fact that there is pick pocketing in all around the world and In Turkey as well but this is not too much, If you are careful , nobody cannot do anything to you since There are so many civil police in the public.

Definitely not! :)

I also have read many reports on this, however I've been to Turkey several times over the past few years, and it hasn't happened to myself or anyone I know who has been to Turkey.

The people of Turkey are extremely welcoming and hospitable, there's seriously no other nation like them in terms of friendliness :)

Enjoy your trip :D

No there is no problem at all with pick pocketing in Turkey. On the other hand, there is in Italy. However in EVERY country you should be cautious with your handbags etc.

If you take safe precautions, then you shouldn't have any problem. For example: Don't place your fanny pack on your bottom with the zipper open!

Don't worry about it and have a fabulous time :)

No, pickpocketing in Turkey isn't really that bad. It is as bad as, say, Italy.

No and Yes it is bad in the sence as same as London Roem Paris Newyork so do what you do when your at any big tourist city keep your bad cloose by its not such a big deal

Some Hotel web sites claim that they accept credit cards issued by Visa or Euro/Mastercard. Why Euro there?

I fear whether my Mastercard issued from India have any problem to use abroad

Donot worry::::: See the expln below.... :)

the EUROCARD name exists as an issuer brand in Scandinavia in combination with the MasterCard acceptance mark. This means that the Eurocard name is still used on a card, although only the MasterCard logo is displayed at locations which accept both. The EUROCARD logo is not used any more.

Check the Russian translation?

I translated the following through google translation. I would appreciate if someone could check the grammer, and if its giving the correct meaning in the translated sentence (English to Russian). If if its not correct please help me by correcting the Russian one.

? _____

How much would you be willing to pay for trip to the environmentally protected area ____(USD)

How much would you be willing to pay for trip to the environmentally protected area?


Other variants:


How much will you be willing to pay for trip to the environmentally protected area?


How much would you pay for trip to the environmentally protected area?

Alex P. is right in his 1st variant.

Nothing to add.

At what age are you allowed to book a holiday apartment in the south of france?

I want to book a apartment in the south of france with a group of friends this summer, we are all either 16 or 17 years old and one of us has a driving license...?

You're allowed to do it at the age of majority in your country of residence, provided it is at least as high as the age of majority in France.

You are going to need to be 21 and have enough money to pay for a $2000 per week apartment.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

If im going to send something from the local post office, can i not use a fedex box?

and can i bring the box already taped up, or do i have to still show them what im sending?

im sending it to another country.

yes and yes

yes you can use a fedex box and send out of the country

(the post office doesnt care what type of box as long it has postage on it)

but you will still need to fill out some customs forms and whats insdie

the box and value of that item

you should cover any markings on the box if it has already been used for shipping though

Where do want to live or travel to ?

I personally want to travel to Japan and watch the sakura (cherry blossoms). I'm actually learning Japanese right now, and it's a lot of fun. Maybe you would like to go there too. ^_^ Sayounara!









but i would want to stay in my home, the US to live

Where is halfway between Denver CO and Little Rock AR?

If you're planning the trip by road then Wichita Kansas would make a good rest stop, it's about half way.

Ian M

Using the correct language when visiting Spain for the first time.?

I will be visiting Spain very soon. I can read Spanish, but not enough Spanish to carry a conversation. How should I let Spaniards know that I am more comfortable conversing in English without appearing arrogrant? I know not to ask straight out whether someone speaks English.

I lived in Barcelona for a year, and often when I asked questions in Spanish, got answers in English (especially at the beginning). They'll know right away, and switch to English if they are comfortable with it. Otherwise, make they effort to communicate with them, and thank them for their patience when they are done. As long as you are friendly and polite, you won't have many problems.

It's very probable that if you do encounter Spaniards who understand English, they will feel equally uncomfortable conversing in a foreign language.

You are visiting their country....make the effort. They will appreciate it.

Lighthouse....I am living in Spain...I know what I'm talking about! Also I have travelled extensively in many countries where English was neither understood nor spoken. The onus was on me to make myself understood. I was the visitor.

Why can't you ask straight out whether someone speaks English?

You should just make the effort to TRY to speak Spanish...they'll know, straight off that you're an English speaker, and you'll manage. People all manage to get on while traveling to places where they don't really speak the language...it's called sign language. You know...If you point to the left and ask if something is that way, they'll get it.

Making the effort to TRY shows that...well, you're willing to try...

i am from spain and when you try to speak in spanish, for me it is funny...

Is baja mexico safe....?

i wanna go there for vacation this summer. is it safe for me?

Hola. The Baja is over 1000 kms long, so what part of Baja are you staying? If you are picking Tijuana or Ensenada, you must exercise caution. If you are staying anywhere from Guerro Neegro (spelled wrong on purpose) to La Paz, then the safety is fairly good, and then if you are staying in the resort town of Cabo, it is pretty good. The farther down you go the safer it is.

Is there any way to get to Toronto

Hey everyone! So my friend and i really want to get to Costco from downtown Toronto and were wondering if there was any way to do it using public transportation?

1) That the bus to the corner of Wilson and Dufferin then go east.

2) Take the subway to Yorkdale then walk.

Film orientation workshop ?


Can anybody tell me whats involved in the Toronto film orientation workshop.

I know you have to do the workshop if you want to join the iatse film union but was wondering if you just had to sit and listen or take some kind of test at the end of it.

Many thanks Daz

Why don't you just call IATSE and ask? Best way to find out about something is to ask those responsible for it. They didn't have orientation workshops when I became a member, but I think the workshops are just so you have some idea what you might be getting into with film work. It isn't for everyone. If you don't want to or can't work 10-16 hours a day, for instance, film work isn't for you.

How are zionists celebrating the recent gore-fest in Gaza?

Time for a few extra fishballs and a little dancing in the street?

The general atmosphere is reported by the CBC to be one of contentment and satisfaction; they are at least for now satiated. But they do want further air-wars. Ideally they would like all the Gazans dead so they can grab the rich cropland of the Gaza. Plus they just enjoy the idea of slaughtering Palestinians. No,no dancing in the streets. Just smug satisfaction; eventually their appetite for more will come back. They are only resting a bit from their unkind exertions.

Maya, I think you're being a bit harsh. I'm not denying that some think that way, but I'm pretty sure many are descent enough not to celebrate over the death of many civilians.


Ok, I can see why I got 5 thumbs down for a peaceful post. e_e;

Complacent satisfaction seems to be the attitude.

I know I read reports of the IDF cheering and dancing, kinda like those Mossad agents did on 9/11.

I got a letter from New York DMV-Driver responsibility assessment?

what is this ****..it says i gota pay 300....i got a speeding ticket in december 2008...and i paid it on time...

the letter says my NY license will be suspended...i am from maryland...i was driving my girlfriends car...and she is from NY

This is a surcharge above and beyond the ticket. yiou can pay it off in yearly increments of $100, but you must pay. even a maryland license can be suspended.

ny dmv is notorious for saying you didnt pay even if you did. its happened to me too. hopefully you saved the receipt. call them up and complain.

Send evidence of payment to the DMV.

What would YOU like to see in an airline?

What would draw you toward flying with a certain airline?

Foot rests for sure. I have recently flown with 5 different airlines only Singapore airlines had foot rests, made a huge difference to a long haul flight .softer pillows, wider seats.

a little shop so when you get bored you can always walk to there and buy something aswell as keeping your blood circulation going. and maybe a little cafe just in case you miss out on dinner or want extra food.

Definitely food! And I'm not talking peanuts and pretzels. It would have to be a free well balanced meal, like the old days. And free checked luggage.

Whats the cheapest way to travel from SC to KY?

Hitch Hiking is dangerous...train or get a ticket, many big airplane companies are having big discounts....u can get a ticket to there and a ticket back for like 70 bucs each way...with the discounts, maybe 110 bucks

The cheapest way would be to walk. But you dont want to do that so next would be greyhound bus

Hitchhike or Greyhound bus.

Your own two feet. To bad it's not pratical

I am driving from Palm Springs, California to Las Vegas, Nevada. Is there any stops worth doing on the way?

I just drove that same route on Monday! At the state line going into Nevada is a great outlet shopping center if you are into that sort of thing. Otherwise you will pass the Calico ghost town but it is about 30 minutes from the freeway and will take up 2-3 hours of your trip. It is okay if you have kids with you but would not say it is a must see attraction. My best suggestion would be to get to Vegas as soon as you can because there is so much to see there now.

Good Luck in Vegas!

Well, there are lots if you love the desert...

No.not much out there.

What time zone are you in (survey)?


ABC, happy to help

GMT- 6 i think since i m in Boston's one

Australian Eastern




GMT 5.30

mountain (i live in Alberta!)

GMT, BST at the weekend.


New York

central standard time:Texas 11:00 a.m. here

How to find more frens online?

you can meet friends on line by going to some chat room. be careful tho. dont give more that what you're willing to get. about frens, i dont know.

Has any one been 2 petit jean?

i went camping ther

Are you talking about Petit Jean State Park in Arkansas?

Any one who has ever been Backpacking in Australia?

I am going and was wondering on how I deal with my money??

I am going to have about 2000 and obviously I aint gonna carry that about with me.. but I cant use my card there without it charging!

IS There any special accounts I can open in Australia? and How do i do it..

Most banks know the account you will want i had an account with west pac it was perfect its best to open the account before you have been there for three months its harder to get one other wise. Just go to the bank with your visa, passport, check or cash to pay in and they will sort you out.

Also i would recommend getting a medicare card from medicare you will see them all round Australia helps with seeing a doctor and costs should you need it.

Have a great time i wish i could do it all over again.

I opened a bank account in australia. Just pop into a bank when you get there. They are very helpful and quite used to clueless backpackers! An alternative is travellers cheques as these have your name on them and you need a matching passport to use them. They are also insured if lost or stolen.

Olympic silver medalist Kenny Egan or World boxing champion Bernard Dunne?

Which of the two boxers did you think did Ireland most proud in boxing and why?

And which of the two do you prefer more?

Bernard Dunne definetly

Was in the O2 for the fight and the atmosphere was amazing. The way he fought was amazing and even when he looked beat in the 5th and to come back showed some determination and skill

Kenny Egan needs to get his head sorted thinks hes brilliant but Dunne was knocked back to earth by martinez and Egan needs same

Also Dunne has a more down to earth personality in an interview

"I looked down and my mothers head was in my Fathers lap" then he realises what he said lol

I don't think you can compare the 2, they might both be boxers but there's a world of a difference between amateur and professional boxing.

Both have done Ireland proud and should rightly be seen as 2 of the greatest Irish sports people in Ireland at the minute.

I personally have to say I prefer Egan simply because of the sacrifice he's made and (and continues to make) to box as an amateur, I don't think anyone could say Egan's in boxing for the money.


@P&R And how much did Dunne get for his fight on Saturday? There's no comparison.

Egan could turn professional and earn more in a single fight (especially given his Olympic performance) than he would in a year as an amateur. By not turning professional he's now effectively giving up his chance to turn pro and earn the big money, because of his age.

A boxer's career is short and Egan's well worth 50K a year imho.

Yes he didn't appear for that exhibition fight, but from what I've seen he's had something of a minor breakdown given his sudden move from obscurity into the spot light last year. No one's perfect & we all make mistakes. Egan did us proud last summer and I'm sorry but I fail to see how someone who came so close to winning gold in the greatest sports event on the planet could be described as 'average.'

Kenny Egan is nothing more than an average boxer who fancies himself more than any woman does. He's a narcissistic clown.

Bernard Dunne is a genuine down to earth fella who's as tough and committed as they come and he loves his mammy to boot.


Soul Jacker: Egan gets 50,000 a year from the Irish Sports Council. That's why he hasn't turned professional. In return he swanned off to America and left them in the lurch prior to a recent international bout.

Can someone translate this for me please...?

...dahil nga dae maaraman kong arin so nauna kong manok ba talaga o itlog...puminula na yan sa kakahalat.

Thanks in advance :)

kasi nga hindi malaman kung alin ang nauna, kung manok ba talaga o itlog. Puminula (dont know) na yan ng kakahintay.


because it coudn't be figured out which came in first, the chicken or the egg.

its in Bicolano

Your emblems are backwards on your blues. You got the anchors facing outboard.

A question about scout badges in Malaysia.?

What are the names of the badges on the scout uniform,not the ones you earn but the most basic badges you get when you buy the uniform...

you have to buy the badges from the state scout's head quarter, however if you have a sample you can just bring it to any embroidery shop, they can easily copy it

for uniform, most tailor can do it, or just ask any other scout where they did it

Could you translate this...?

... ....

Oh~ Love ~

Ah~ this is by Kim Jang Hoon. :)

... ....

Sa-rang-eun... myun-jee-mo-ru-gaet-ah

Translated: Love... I can't seem to know what it is (or something similar like "... don't know what it is..." )

This part of the song is in the chorus -->

Oh~ Love ~

Oh~ love wae ee-jae-suh-ya mahn-ee wae-lohp-duhn na-leul cha-ja-ohn guh-ya

Translated: Oh~ Love I've been so weary, why did it take you so long to find me~

For the Scots,Welsh and Irish?

How do you feel about people saying England when referring to Britain?

Britain is a different island to Ireland, so what they say doesn't affect or refer to us, no more than it would affect the french or spanish.

No one should get upset about something so relatively minor. It's just a mistake. Have they never uttered a mistaken comment themselves on an unfamiliar topic? So people don't know everything about the political system and divisions in a foreign (to them) land. How knowledgeable are the Scots, Welsh and Irish about the rest of the world?

Edit - Some Irish voice (loudly) on matters they have little real comprehension of in regard to the US all the time. It goes both ways. No one knows everything about everything.

Not at all. The American stereotypes can get a bit heavy on here at times though. I just don't enjoy getting lumped in with the religious bible types or the folks who voted W in. I understand what you are talking about though. Politics and a nations history are never simple. Any nation really.

Only when it's used in a NI context. For example; 'do you think the english should get out of Northern Ireland?'

This only bugs be because some people (again usually American, sorry) are voicing opinions on things they have no comprehension of.

If it's a genuine mistake it doesn't bother me in the slightest.


@Slipstreamer, very true and I'm sorry if I insinuated that all Americans were guilty of ignorance (wasn my intention as I know there are many intelligent Americans out there present company very much included) but the reality is nearly every week without fail there are 2 questions here, (usually from Americans) asking why the English won't get out of Ireland.

I'd love to know what things regarding America some Irish people say which are comparable? Sorry that sounds argumentative, it's not meant to be but I'm genuinely interested.

whats Britain and Irish got to do with each other? most people will interchange England/Britain, but usually when its a Scottish middle distance runner winning an Olympic medal or such. Otherwise geographical ignorance of others dont bother me. and you forgot the UK thing.

It merely reflects two things: that those people don't know the difference, and that the British are not very good at explaining the difference.

I assume you mean Northern Irish, by the way. Not the quite same thing as Irish .... a sort of a blurred area, if you will.

It annoys me because I am Welsh and Welsh only, but it won't change until Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland become fully independent with the later reuniting with Ireland.

Cymru am byth

i'm irish so i don't care

seeing as the republic isn't part of britain, i don't live in britain, so it doesn't affect me

I have never heard anyone saying England when they meant Britain but I always see on here on Y!A people saying Britain when they mean England. Usually people from USA (no offence)

As the first few people said i'm irish and i really don't care. Its got nothing to do with us like..

Ireland Isn't in Britain

Oh it annoys us so much that sometimes we can't even sleep at night thinking about it.

Im Irish not British

Don't really care, they're just ignorant.

pees me off when they say. It's sheer stupidity. but it happens all the time.

I usually say "You didn't do well in Geography, did you?"

I feel nothing.

It doesn't bother me cause I'm Irish

Doesnt bother me cause I'm Irish. Why would that bother me???

No affect at all, I don't live there.

Did Manila start switching the lights off tonight?

I live in caloocan, the southern horizon before was very bright, tonight it looks like some lights of the buildings were switched off.

The stars were brighter, I recognized 3 new constellations in the night sky(taurus, cancer, vela), before, i cant see these constellations.

The sky is just dimmer tonight.

Earth Hour is due today 8:30 - 9:30 pm. Earth Hour encourages people to switch off unnecessary lights, not turning everything off. Most companies are practicing cost-cutting (including the company I work for). Probably, most lights were switched off at the time you were gazing the sky.

Haha! I doubt it will happen all over the place. Imagine turning off the lights for one hour. Something might get stolen or someone might get kidnapped or raped! Maybe they will follow this good cause in some exclusive areas like in business districts and subdivisions.

Tonight, March 28th, between 8:30-9:30 pm is Earth Hour. You may partake if you like to save energy by not using electricity. Maybe the Manila government is practicing or just conserving :)

switching off the light will be tommorow at 8:30-9:30 pm.. sky is dimmer tonight bcoz of the early afternoon rain due to cold front whatever

Tomorrow night.

it will be tonight about 8 PM

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