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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What can i do to make more room in my suitcase?

i am going to the beach thursday, and tomorrow i am going to be busy so i have to pack tonight because im leaving early thursday morning, and i have packed all my clothing except for my jeans, which thats not that much room but i have to still pack

jeans (which i already said) and thats only one pair

shampoo and cond.


tooth brush

retainer case plus retainers (just got my braces off 6 weeks ago)


straightner (not blow dry)

makeup (its a pretty big bag)


phone charger




the small items arent a big deal, but like straightner and shampoo that is going to be hard to pack, i mean i still have that zipper where it gives you like 2 inches of space, like i tried zipping it up and it was fine but i had a little bit of trouble, and the thing is i already have a beach bag with my towel in it and i am having to put another bag in the beach bag because it will not fit, i will amit i am an over packer but i cant give up my clothes im bringing alot but their just soo cute i cant not bring them. so how can i make more room with out taking something out.
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