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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Alou fun park in athens?

experiences for members that have visited the place?im planning in 1-2 weeks to visit the city..{its been 6 years since the olympics which i saw the xalkia getting the gold metal...awesome!}
Uhmmm....well it can be fun but there are so many teenagers there so I dont go, I have been though 5-6 times in the past. There are more games to play , like 3g and 4g , on those huge weels you know , duh I d never go in there I have lol, however i ve been in the mouse train which is fun but it makes your stomach sick afterall, lmao, oh and if you go try the 4d cinema experience, there are some short movies on 4d the seats are moving and they spill water on you or you feel whatever is happening in the movie, as if you are in there, its very funny ! Oh and dont forget to eat the fried potatoes with melted cheese and bacon and then some ben

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