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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

How risky is it to move around in Italy? Apart from pick-pocketing is there mugging too?

I hear that while travelling in trains, luggage has to be strapped to the overhead bin and while staying in hotels, to the bedframe in the hotel room, to keep it safe from snatch-and-run thieves. Also someone suggested travelling with a high tech door alarm, or else leaning a chair with few noisy items on it against the inside of the door so it will tip over and crash when an unwanted intruder slips in at night.

Is it really this bad...its so scary !! I might have to keep an eye on my things all the time instead of enjoying what good Italy has to offer.

Also, more importantly, is there mugging? Especially near the main railway stations? Is it dangerous to be going around the railway stations area after sunset? How safe is it to stay in hotels near railway stations. for e.g. near the Termini station in Rome?

What does a tourist do if things are stolen/ pickpocketed? Do police help?

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