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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

If my phone is on airplane mode do i still get charged for taking it to another country(roaming)?

i know that i can use my phone on the plane like games and listen to music and not recieve or make call or texts but once im off the plane do i still get charged for international roaming?
You will only get charged if you take your phone out of the airplane mode. When its in airplane mode, there is no connection with the cell network, so they wont know that you are in another country. When its out of the airplane mode, it will establish (or try to) connection with the nearest cell towers and that is how your carrier will know if you are on international roaming.
Yeah only if u text or call someone
nope, you only get charged if you start to make calls or sent data/text
It depends on what plan you have with your cellphone provider. Check to see if Roaming and International Roaming is included. BUT, you shouldn

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