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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Olympic silver medalist Kenny Egan or World boxing champion Bernard Dunne?

Which of the two boxers did you think did Ireland most proud in boxing and why?

And which of the two do you prefer more?

Bernard Dunne definetly

Was in the O2 for the fight and the atmosphere was amazing. The way he fought was amazing and even when he looked beat in the 5th and to come back showed some determination and skill

Kenny Egan needs to get his head sorted thinks hes brilliant but Dunne was knocked back to earth by martinez and Egan needs same

Also Dunne has a more down to earth personality in an interview

"I looked down and my mothers head was in my Fathers lap" then he realises what he said lol

I don't think you can compare the 2, they might both be boxers but there's a world of a difference between amateur and professional boxing.

Both have done Ireland proud and should rightly be seen as 2 of the greatest Irish sports people in Ireland at the minute.

I personally have to say I prefer Egan simply because of the sacrifice he's made and (and continues to make) to box as an amateur, I don't think anyone could say Egan's in boxing for the money.


@P&R And how much did Dunne get for his fight on Saturday? There's no comparison.

Egan could turn professional and earn more in a single fight (especially given his Olympic performance) than he would in a year as an amateur. By not turning professional he's now effectively giving up his chance to turn pro and earn the big money, because of his age.

A boxer's career is short and Egan's well worth 50K a year imho.

Yes he didn't appear for that exhibition fight, but from what I've seen he's had something of a minor breakdown given his sudden move from obscurity into the spot light last year. No one's perfect & we all make mistakes. Egan did us proud last summer and I'm sorry but I fail to see how someone who came so close to winning gold in the greatest sports event on the planet could be described as 'average.'

Kenny Egan is nothing more than an average boxer who fancies himself more than any woman does. He's a narcissistic clown.

Bernard Dunne is a genuine down to earth fella who's as tough and committed as they come and he loves his mammy to boot.


Soul Jacker: Egan gets 50,000 a year from the Irish Sports Council. That's why he hasn't turned professional. In return he swanned off to America and left them in the lurch prior to a recent international bout.

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