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Monday, March 30, 2009

Is pick pocketing in Turkey really that bad?

I am heading off to Turkey this year and after visting watch dog website have found out it is renouned* for pick pocketing. What I mean by that is strangers coming up behind you in a restaurant and stealing your handbag while your not looking and other associated crimes.

I would like to know is Turkey really that bad..?

Please tell of your experiences- anywhere in the world but especially Turkey.

Would appreciate replies

Many Thanks



Hi Louise,

I just been to the Turkish embassy to apply for visa and all the warnings I got were all regarding to this - so yes apparently it is that bad. The Turkish guy @ the embassy said I must watch for my bag because hand bag grabbing is common , thift is common he even warned us that Taxi drivers might take the money and not return the change so we better keep small change "Kuru" with us always.. but he said we should not be over-cautious, the majority of the people are nice and most of public places are safe , so just take normal security procedures and you will be fine.

Who said that such a fake news.. Of course this is an undeniable fact that there is pick pocketing in all around the world and In Turkey as well but this is not too much, If you are careful , nobody cannot do anything to you since There are so many civil police in the public.

Definitely not! :)

I also have read many reports on this, however I've been to Turkey several times over the past few years, and it hasn't happened to myself or anyone I know who has been to Turkey.

The people of Turkey are extremely welcoming and hospitable, there's seriously no other nation like them in terms of friendliness :)

Enjoy your trip :D

No there is no problem at all with pick pocketing in Turkey. On the other hand, there is in Italy. However in EVERY country you should be cautious with your handbags etc.

If you take safe precautions, then you shouldn't have any problem. For example: Don't place your fanny pack on your bottom with the zipper open!

Don't worry about it and have a fabulous time :)

No, pickpocketing in Turkey isn't really that bad. It is as bad as, say, Italy.

No and Yes it is bad in the sence as same as London Roem Paris Newyork so do what you do when your at any big tourist city keep your bad cloose by its not such a big deal

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