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Monday, March 30, 2009

Going to Kos Island, help?

I'll be spending 4-5 hours alone in Kos. Anyone can tell me what the place is like, any particular place to see, what to do there alone? And is there a shop where I can buy a bottle of Metaxa 12 stars? Thank you!

There is no way you will feel bored...go and visit the castle, have a look at the tree of Hip., the bookshop on the square near the mosque is really good, have a pita gyros down the road from there, troll on the beach, put your feet in water, talk to the locals, play backgammon in a cafe over a frappe, venture out to the archeological sites, take a taxi to the hot springs Therme in the sea, go shopping....time will just fly...enjoy it.

You can wander around, look at the shops, take lots of photos, stop and have a drink or lunch or both, sit on the beach, the time will fly by. Probably any food store has the Metaxa.

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