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Monday, March 30, 2009

Magic Mushrooms in Amsterdam?

Hi are magic mushrooms still legal in Amsterdam?



Shrooms in Amsterdam were recently made illegal to sell on 1st December 2008 as a reaction to a tenuously linked suicide, but you can still get other hallucinogens from smartshops that have the same effect, such as truffles and the like. Thats the party line, but the truth is many shops still have them under the counter and as of yet the new ban hasn't really been enforced

So get mashed off your t*ts and enjoy.


Check through previous answers, and you`ll find more details - but in short :

Since December 2008, the fresh mushrooms have been made illegal.

Some shops still had stock, and did sell even after the ban, but transport etc. is also illegal, so by now no one should have them anymore.

In a large part the ban has been caused by druggies from outside of the Netherlands, who just went crazy with mushrooms, alcohol etc.

No, not any more they aren't

The facts are that dried mushrooms have been illegal for ages anyway, and fresh ones were made illegal on 01/Dec 2008

This is in light of several incidents of tourists injuring themselves (in a couple of cases fatally) jumping off buildings, into canals, driving amok through campsites etc after having taken them.

Haven't been there for a few years now, but the last time I was there it was possible to purchase them dried! Many different types....some were quite....mindblowing! But one needs to be very careful.

A narrow street just off Dam Square, stand outside the Krasnapolski Hotel facing the square, look to the right.


Dam good question ?

if you find out, do me a favour and pass on info cheers mate.

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