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Monday, March 30, 2009

Is Kalkan fish found only in Black Sea?

I tasted it in Istanbul and it was really tasteful.

The Turkish version of Wikipedia says that it lives in the Black sea, the Aegean Sea, Marmara, Mediterranean, and also in south parts of the Atlantic Ocean . ( I had thought it was found in Black Sea only )

Here is the Latin names of the fish family, if you want to search further.







P. maxima

Psetta maxima

(Linnaeus, 1758)

Another fishing/ hunting link I found gave its names as:

Psetta Maxima,Steinbut,Turbot

And it explained that it was found mainly in Blacksea and rarely in Bosphorus, Dardanelles, Marmara , Aegean and Meditteranean Sea and that some alike but other kinds of the species were found in Atlantic Ocean.

( I didn't copy, paste because it was in Turkish)

the best is in black sea.but it is available in europe and in the states under the name "tournado". it is my favorite ^fish

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