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Saturday, March 28, 2009

How are zionists celebrating the recent gore-fest in Gaza?

Time for a few extra fishballs and a little dancing in the street?

The general atmosphere is reported by the CBC to be one of contentment and satisfaction; they are at least for now satiated. But they do want further air-wars. Ideally they would like all the Gazans dead so they can grab the rich cropland of the Gaza. Plus they just enjoy the idea of slaughtering Palestinians. No,no dancing in the streets. Just smug satisfaction; eventually their appetite for more will come back. They are only resting a bit from their unkind exertions.

Maya, I think you're being a bit harsh. I'm not denying that some think that way, but I'm pretty sure many are descent enough not to celebrate over the death of many civilians.


Ok, I can see why I got 5 thumbs down for a peaceful post. e_e;

Complacent satisfaction seems to be the attitude.

I know I read reports of the IDF cheering and dancing, kinda like those Mossad agents did on 9/11.

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