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Monday, March 30, 2009

Is Siberia a safe place to live?

My parents told me that Romania isn't a safe place to live because some people don't like Americans there. My parents said it, not me, so don't criticize me. I know Siberia is part of Romania, but is it a safe place to live? I want to live in a safe near the Carpathian Mountains

Look on your map....Siberia s a long way from Romania.

First, Siberia is a region of Russia, and is not in Romania, at all. Siberia is bordered on the West by the Ural mountains. Siberia is a region so vast that it is really impossible to answer the question, "Is it safe?" There are some very large towns that could be safe because a foreigner could live almost anonymously (if you don't call attention to yourself or get involved with questionable contacts). How old are you, anyway? If finding a safe place to live is your biggest concern, maybe you should stay closer to home?

Siberia is quite safe. Welcome to Romania!

Is this question joke or have you been drugged? Are you British or American haha?

ohhhhh... mine..... get the map, mate. it is an attitude like that towards the rest of the world that can easily make anyone dislike particular people.

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