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Saturday, March 28, 2009

For the Scots,Welsh and Irish?

How do you feel about people saying England when referring to Britain?

Britain is a different island to Ireland, so what they say doesn't affect or refer to us, no more than it would affect the french or spanish.

No one should get upset about something so relatively minor. It's just a mistake. Have they never uttered a mistaken comment themselves on an unfamiliar topic? So people don't know everything about the political system and divisions in a foreign (to them) land. How knowledgeable are the Scots, Welsh and Irish about the rest of the world?

Edit - Some Irish voice (loudly) on matters they have little real comprehension of in regard to the US all the time. It goes both ways. No one knows everything about everything.

Not at all. The American stereotypes can get a bit heavy on here at times though. I just don't enjoy getting lumped in with the religious bible types or the folks who voted W in. I understand what you are talking about though. Politics and a nations history are never simple. Any nation really.

Only when it's used in a NI context. For example; 'do you think the english should get out of Northern Ireland?'

This only bugs be because some people (again usually American, sorry) are voicing opinions on things they have no comprehension of.

If it's a genuine mistake it doesn't bother me in the slightest.


@Slipstreamer, very true and I'm sorry if I insinuated that all Americans were guilty of ignorance (wasn my intention as I know there are many intelligent Americans out there present company very much included) but the reality is nearly every week without fail there are 2 questions here, (usually from Americans) asking why the English won't get out of Ireland.

I'd love to know what things regarding America some Irish people say which are comparable? Sorry that sounds argumentative, it's not meant to be but I'm genuinely interested.

whats Britain and Irish got to do with each other? most people will interchange England/Britain, but usually when its a Scottish middle distance runner winning an Olympic medal or such. Otherwise geographical ignorance of others dont bother me. and you forgot the UK thing.

It merely reflects two things: that those people don't know the difference, and that the British are not very good at explaining the difference.

I assume you mean Northern Irish, by the way. Not the quite same thing as Irish .... a sort of a blurred area, if you will.

It annoys me because I am Welsh and Welsh only, but it won't change until Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland become fully independent with the later reuniting with Ireland.

Cymru am byth

i'm irish so i don't care

seeing as the republic isn't part of britain, i don't live in britain, so it doesn't affect me

I have never heard anyone saying England when they meant Britain but I always see on here on Y!A people saying Britain when they mean England. Usually people from USA (no offence)

As the first few people said i'm irish and i really don't care. Its got nothing to do with us like..

Ireland Isn't in Britain

Oh it annoys us so much that sometimes we can't even sleep at night thinking about it.

Im Irish not British

Don't really care, they're just ignorant.

pees me off when they say. It's sheer stupidity. but it happens all the time.

I usually say "You didn't do well in Geography, did you?"

I feel nothing.

It doesn't bother me cause I'm Irish

Doesnt bother me cause I'm Irish. Why would that bother me???

No affect at all, I don't live there.

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