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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Any one who has ever been Backpacking in Australia?

I am going and was wondering on how I deal with my money??

I am going to have about 2000 and obviously I aint gonna carry that about with me.. but I cant use my card there without it charging!

IS There any special accounts I can open in Australia? and How do i do it..

Most banks know the account you will want i had an account with west pac it was perfect its best to open the account before you have been there for three months its harder to get one other wise. Just go to the bank with your visa, passport, check or cash to pay in and they will sort you out.

Also i would recommend getting a medicare card from medicare you will see them all round Australia helps with seeing a doctor and costs should you need it.

Have a great time i wish i could do it all over again.

I opened a bank account in australia. Just pop into a bank when you get there. They are very helpful and quite used to clueless backpackers! An alternative is travellers cheques as these have your name on them and you need a matching passport to use them. They are also insured if lost or stolen.

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